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Forgetting that some individuals won’t network with you on a
“personal” space like Facebook without knowing who you are,
even with the proper introduction. If you’re looking to establish
a professional relationship with someone, consider LinkedIn. Otherwise,
consider building up a rapport with an individual before randomly
adding them as your friend. Some people require face-to-face meetings
before they invite you into their private lives. After all, Facebook
was a tool that college students were using
before it was open to the public, and some still use it as a purely
personal and not a professional tool. LinkedIn is still seen as the
more professional of the two.

Digg, Sphinn, Mixx, Reddit, Tip’d,

Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn,Digg, Sphinn, Mixx, Reddit, Tip’d,,FriendFeed,YouTube,StumbleUpon

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Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, Sphinn, Mixx, Reddit, Tip’d, FriendFeed, YouTube, StumbleUpon

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