2016-03 : @SeedstarsWorld Annual Summit #Lausanne : More than 3’000 #startups …

20 Feb 2016


Seedstars announces its annual Summit under the theme Billion. The program includes conferences, talks and workshops about how to impact people’s lives in emerging markets through entrepreneurship and technology. The highlight of the event is the final ceremony of the Seedstars
World competition, where up to USD 1 million of equity investment will be awarded to the winners of the investment tracks.




THE COMPETITION – More than 3’000 startups from Eastern and Central Europe, Africa, the Middle East,
Asia and Latin America applied to participate in Seedstars World this year. Since April 2015, four regional
teams and expert local juries have selected the most promising startups in 54 cities from Jakarta to
Santiago passing by Ramallah and Beirut.

Seedstars Summit – March 3rd, 2016, Swiss Tech Convention Center at EPFL, Lausanne

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND, January 21th, 2016 – Seedstars, the global organization with the mission of impacting people’s lives in emerging market through entrepreneurship and technology, launched its third edition of the Seedstars World competition in April 2015. The international team covered 54 countries, scouting (ndlr THX 🙂 ) for the best startups around the world and all 54 finalists have been selected to participate in a two day bootcamp, an Investor Forum and the Finals of Seedstars World.

The Seedstars Summit will take place on March 3rd whereby the “Seedstars World Global Winner” will be named and receive up to USD 500’000 in equity investment.

The best startups in other sectors such as travel and space will also be rewarded with equity investments and grants. Around 1000 entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, corporate
executives, business angels, government officials, journalists and startup enthusiasts are expected to join for an amazing experience in Switzerland.



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